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The Galleries
The McKinney and Knauer galleries provide a range of international, national and regional exhibitions. The galleries are an educational resource for students and faculty. The Department of Art + Design will host an average of 15 exhibitions a year including alumni and current student shows. Many of the exhibiting artists will also give gallery talks and demonstrations.

The Student Art Association
The Art Association meets approximately every two to three weeks during the fall and spring semesters. Typical meetings center around discussion of activities the students are interested in pursuing over the academic year, upcoming art events in the department and the surrounding community, and information on service opportunities. Guest artists and workshops are also part of the activities. Students hold offices and meet all the requirements of student organizations.

AIGA | The Professional Association fo Design
AIGA, the professional association for design, is where design professional go first to exchange ideas and information, to participate in critical analysis and research, and to advance education and ethical practice. The WCU student chapter of this national organization, which meets monthly, organizes activities for its members to stimulate interest and understanding of graphic design through attending lectures, participating in student exhibitions, competitions, and field trips to area design firms.

WCU Print Club
The Print Club is open to all art majors who have completed, or are currently enrolled in a printmaking course. This Department of Art + Design organization serves as an extra curricular arts organization for the sponsorship of student exhibitions, guest exhibitions, gallery demonstrations, group gallery trips and visiting artist lectures.

Department of Art + Design Facebook
The WCU Art + Design Facebook Group page (WCU Art + Design) disseminates information on events and activities of interest to art students, alumni, and faculty, such as art exhibit opening, museum trips, scholarships, and guest lectures. The facebook page also provides a digital venue to showcase the artistic work and activities of WCU student artists.

Museum Experience Program
To further encourage and provide art majors the opportunity to encounter visual art of both historical and contemporary significance; the Department of Art + Design conducts two charter bus trips each semester to a museum or gallery in a neighboring major city.