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Spanish and Hispanic Studies Program

Welcome to the Spanish Program
of West Chester University

Professors: Jason Bartles, Maria José Cabrera, Marcos Campillo-Fenoll, Cristóbal Cardemil-Krause, Megan Corbin, Gloria Hernández, Daniela Johannes, Iliana Pagán-Teitelbaum, Megan Saltzman, Israel Sanz-Sanchez, Stacey Schlau, Maria VanLiew, Andrea Varricchio, Jerome Williams.

The Spanish Undergraduate Program

We offer a major and minor option in our Spanish program:

  • The Spanish language concentration in the Bachelor of Arts in Languages and Cultures major consists of 10 courses in Spanish, a second language requirement of 4 courses (through the 202 level), a course in linguistics, and another course in a content area related to Spanish. The Spanish concentration starts with SPA 202. You can consult the advising sheet for Spanish here.
  • The Spanish language minor consists of 18 credits in the language (any six 3-credit courses). You can start your minor in SPA 101. Courses must taken in consultation with the Spanish minor program advisor (See minor advisors).

You can also complete the language requirement for other departmental majors with our Spanish courses.

Additionally, you can transfer in up to 50% of the courses for the Spanish major and minor.

Course Offerings

In general, for Spanish majors and minors, we offer courses in grammar and conversation, literature, Spanish and Latin American civilization, Introduction to Peninsular and Latin American Literature, and Phonetics, among other advanced courses.

At the basic Spanish level we offer SPA 101 and SPA 102.

At the intermediate level, we offer SPA 201 and SPA 202.

Advanced courses that may be used for the major (BALC, Spanish track) and minor include:

  • SPA 301 Advanced Gram., Writing, Conv. I
  • SPA 302 Advanced Gram., Writing, Conv. II
  • SPA 313 Latin America on Film
  • SPA 315 Advanced Readings in Spanish
  • SPA 320 Cultures of Spain
  • SPA 321 Cultures of Spanish America
  • SPA 323 Cultures of the Spanish-speaking Caribbean
  • SPA 330 Spanish Narrative
  • SPA 331 Spanish-American Narrative
  • SPA 340 Study of Bilingualism: An Introduction
  • SPA 353 Introduction to the Study of Language: Spanish
  • SPA 365 Spanish Phonetics
  • SPA 370 History of the Spanish Language 
  • SPA 375 Spanish for Heritage Speakers

Some advanced courses do not count toward the major concentration, but they count toward the minor in Spanish, and can also be taken as electives:

  • SPA 304 Spanish Language Topics in the Community
  • SPA 310 Business Topics in Spanish

Students with a concentration in Spanish need to take advanced courses at the 400 level (seminars). You can consult the complete course catalog for descriptions. Spanish majors must take SPA 444 (Advanced Spanish Proficiency Development) and one seminar course at the 400 level, to choose from:

  • SPA 400 Spanish Literature to 1550
  • SPA 401 Spanish Literature of the Golden Age
  • SPA 402 Spanish Drama of the Golden Age
  • SPA 404 Cervantes
  • SPA 405 Modern Hispanic Literature (18th and 19th Centuries)
  • SPA 406 Modern Spanish Literature
  • SPA 407 Contemporary Literature of Spain
  • SPA 408 Modern Hispanic Poetry
  • SPA 410 Contemporary Spanish-American Prose Fiction
  • SPA 411 Hispanic Theater
  • SPA 412 Literature of the Hispanic Caribbean
  • SPA 413 Hispanic Women Writers
  • SPA 415 Cinema of Spain
  • SPA 456-457 Hispanic Literature, Language, and Culture Seminar I-II
  • SPA 472 Nobel Prize Laureates


Students can also obtain Pennsylvania K-12 teaching certification in Spanish, in conjunction with the College of Education here at West Chester University. You can consult the Certification page for further information and requirements.

Study Abroad Options and Student Activities

Israel and group at Hispanic Society in New York City Students can participate in a study abroad program as part of their curriculum. You can study in Salamanca or Seville, Spain; as well as at the Universidad Nacional in Heredia, Costa Rica. Starting the Summer of 2012, West Chester is starting a new program in Rosario, Argentina.

Spanish Faculty also offer new Study Abroad programs each year during the Summer Sessions or Winter Sessions. Check the Spanish Study Abroad site for updated information.

The Spanish Club is a very active club on campus, holding weekly meetings, movie nights, fundraisers field trips to NYC and the Repertorio Español, etc. Additionally, our Faculty members often take our students to field trips to explore Hispanic cultures and attend significant events.

Graduate Program

We offer courses toward the master's degree, with or without certification, in our new Master of Arts in Languages and Cultures, as well as in the M.A. or M.Ed. programs (for students enrolled prior to August 2014). Please consult the Graduate Programs site for more specific information.

Apart from courses in Spanish, we also offer courses in second language acquisition at the Graduate level, such as LAN 500 (Research in 2nd Language Education) and LAN 503 (Techniques of 2nd Language Teaching).

For more information contact Dr. Stacey Schlau, Spanish Coordinator.