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German Minor

The German minor is fulfilled by completing 18 credits of GER courses.

Typically, a student with no previous German knowledge should complete this sequence:

GER 101
GER 102
GER 201
GER 202
GER 303
GER 307

If placed above GER 101 at WCU, after GER 303/307 students should take GER 350 and GER 351; if neither GER 350 or 351 is offered one semester, students could take GER 310, GER 315 or GER 322 instead. Students should always meet and consult first with the German program advisor:

Margarete Landwehr

Professor of German

German Program Coordinator

Dept. Tel. #610-436-2700

Office tel. #610-436-2465


  • EGE courses (culture clusters taught in English) do not count towards the German minor. Only GER courses count.


  • Students are encouraged to participate in Study Abroad programs to complete some of their coursework for the minor.
  • Students can transfer up to 9 credits of coursework, out of the 18 required for the minor.
  • Some of these credits can be obtained through CBE (Credit by Exam) and/or CLEP Exams.

    • For more information on CBE and CLEP see:

      • CLEP: http://www.wcupa.ed/registrar/testCredit.aspx

        • CLEP Exams can be taken for credit for 101-102 or 201-202 at any time.  See the Registrar’s Office or the Department of Languages and Cultures.

      • CBE:

        • Note about CBE: once a student successfully passes a GER course, the student can’t take CBE for a lower level course. For instance, if a student is enrolled in GER 201 and passes the course, (s)he can’t register in GER 102 as CBE the following semester; the student can, however, register for CBE for GER 102 in the SAME semester the student is enrolled in GER 201. The same applies for other courses (i.e. registering in GER 202 as CBE in the same semester that you are taking GER 303, etc.). Registration for CBE for any course must be done during add/drop period during the first week of the semester, with the consent of the Department of Languages and Cultures (Mitchell 223).


For questions, and for advising on what courses to take for the minor,

please visit the German minor advisor.