Customized Workshops


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The ACEER Foundation is an expert at organizing customized workshops and field studies in the Peruvian Amazon, offering educational experiences to both faculty and students. ACEER staff will work closely with faculty to create customized workshops that tie in with their curriculum and emphasize hands-on field experience. Most customized workshops are run for 1 to 3 weeks. Semester-long experiences can also be arranged.

Through ACEER's extensive network of partners, we can arrange opportunities to study at the Los Amigos Biological Station along the Los Amigos River; Hacienda ConcepciĆ³n on the Madre de Dios River; at a series of stations along the Tambopata River, including the Tambopata Research Station; the Biological Station at Wayqecha in the Andes; and at the Yarapa River Lodge near Iquitos. Each is unique, and with careful planning, can be combined to provide an integrated learning experience in settings ranging from pristine cloud forest in the highlands to the wilderness of the lowland rainforest. Canopy access systems, laboratories, ethnobotanical gardens, and a variety of local habitats will assure that your educational objectives are achieved.

FEE STRUCTURE - Please call our office or email for the most up to date pricing for Los Amigos.

In-Peru Logistics and Transportation
ACEER can organize all in-Peru logistics (airport transfers in Lima, hotels, airfares, ground transportation, excursions to Machu Picchu, Iquitos, and elsewhere.)

For more information on customized workshops arranged by ACEER, please contact Winden Rowe, Program Coordinator, 610-738-0477 or