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  Life in the Amazon is a completely different experience. Learn about it from Peruvian students and teachers on field trips to ¡Amigos! villages and schools.


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The goal of the ¡Amigos! A Partnership for Education program is to develop environmental awareness by implementing educational programs for schools and communities in the Amazon region of Peru and the USA.  The program enhances cross-cultural understanding and learning through a series of interactive experiences among US and Peruvian teachers and students.

Sustainability Fellows

The ACEER Foundation, along with the West Chester University Sustainability Advisory Council, has selected five Sustainability Fellows for the 2010-2011 academic year. The participants have begun to develop an international green schools initiative that links their schools with partner schools in the Amazon basin of Peru. To read more, please click here.

Peruvian Schools

Schools in rural villages are typically a one-room schoolhouse without electricity, often with no textbooks, and few supplies.  Urban schools are crowded and lack equipment.  Teachers from all schools lack resources and training opportunities.  Through the ¡Amigos! Program, Peruvian schools frequently participate in community development projects as part of their commitment to the ¡Amigos! program.  Projects such as installing solar pasteurization systems for clean drinking water, offering workshops on medicinal plant gardening, and developing interpretive nature trails transform schools from their traditional roles as a learning place for children to dynamic, vital life-long learning centers for the entire community.

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USA Schools

Schools in the USA invite¡Amigos! Program staff to provide curriculum enhancement and interactive programs for their students.  Involvement often includes sponsorship of a Peruvian Amazon school or teacher's workshop.  This helps one-room schools buy desperately needed supplies, such as pencils, chalk boards, and exercise books, or sends urban schools on field trips into the rainforest.

The ¡Amigos! Program offers experiential workshops for American and Peruvian educators on curriculum development and delivery, and provides an ever-expanding resource toolkit right here on the web.  It also provides access to a series of unique field workshops in Peru and the opportunity to visit ¡Amigos! schools in the Peruvian Amazon.

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