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Students fron Anderson Junior College in Singapore are currently involved in a project on conservation  of the Amazon Rainforest. They strongly believe in the importance of creating a sustainable conservation programme so as to ensure continued conservation efforts through community involvement. thus, they sent in the following questions to assist in their research.

1.     How many volunteers, environmentalists, etc. in your

        organization are working on the conservation project

        in the Amazon rainforest currently?

        Staff-12, volunteers-10-50

2.     Can you tell us about some of the current or upcoming

        conservation projects that your organization is involved


        Tree planting and Reforestation- This joint project focuses

        on restoration ecology. ACEER and IIAP will support efforts

        leading to reforestation and mitigating of disturbed forest

        ecosystems, especially regions impacted by roads and

        legal/illegal logging in areas of high biodiversity. ACEER

        and IIAP will work to identify reforestation sites, purchase

        appropriate plant stock and support planting and maintenance

        of the sites; IIAP serves as our partner on the ground providing

        expertise on proper plant selection and cultivation. ACEER will

        use sites for education and research purposes, especially for

        Peruvian university students; and would like to bring school

        children, international students (through our workshop

        programs), and ecotourists to the sites to promote our


3.     What do you think are the biggest challenges/restraints your

        organization is facing with respect to the conservation of the

        Amazon rainforest?

        Economic development in the region, needs of developing

        countries, lack of focus on sustainable use, and fundraising

        to provide funds for our programs.

4.     How important do you think community involvement is in

        assisting your organization in conservation efforts?

        Absolutely 100% community involvement is needed. Programs

        are not successful without this. ACEER focuses on working with

        and in local communities, and uses local staff.

5.      In what ways can youths be effectively engaged in


         Youth who do not live in the Amazon region can learn, become

         aware of the issues, and the interconnections-the Amazon

         region is needed for the health of our whole planet. Learn

         about it, talk about it, raise awareness. Start programs at

         school or in your communities to encourage good actions,

         actions that help protect the planet. Fundraise for

         organizations that work in these fields. Kids do walkathons,

         sell reusable shopping bags, arrange puppet shows, tell

         stories, to then donate funds.

I thank you in advance for your support and we would like to hear from you soon.

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Would you like to take that trip of a lifetime to the Amazon Rainforest to experience first hand the wondrous place you are teaching about? The Amazon Center for Environmental Education and Research (ACEER) hosts workshops in the Amazon for American and Peruvian educators.

Study in the Amazon Rainforest and the Andes Mountains

Visit our workshop page to read about our upcoming trips to Peru. 

For more information contact Mary Ann Robinson at 610-738-0477 or email mrobinson@wcupa.edu.

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