The ACEER Foundation is Moving!

Beginning June 2, 2014, the ACEER Foundation will be relocating to a new office.  Our phone number will remain the same (610-738-0477), but our mailing address will change as follows:

Mailing Address:

ACEER Foundation

PO Box 541

West Chester, PA  19381

Physical Address:

ACEER Foundation

202 Carter Drive

West Chester, PA  19382


ACEER wins Peru's Nat'l Award of Environmental Citizenship

ACEER receives Peru’s National Award of Environmental Citizenship for its environmental education programs promoting conservation of the Amazon Rainforest.  In announcing this prestigious award, Peru’s Minister of Environment,

Manuel Pulgar Vidal, specifically cited ACEER’s Puppet House, a traveling puppet show for rural Amazonian elementary school children.  ACEER was selected for this award following a national competition with over 150 organizations vying for the award. Last year, ACEER was a finalist, showcasing its teacher training program using a unique “leaf pack” sampling device to monitor aquatic biodiversity.  Such a tremendous honor.

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prenio  puppetss puppets

Our Mission

The mission of the ACEER Foundation is to promote conservation of AmazonDonate Header

by fostering awareness, understanding, action, and transformation. This is achieved by

initiating environmental education programs, supporting basic and applied research,

and protecting unique tracts of land. ACEER has been a dynamic force for rainforest Donations help expand ACEER's efforts in rainforest conservation

conservation for over 20 years. We were the first in the Western Hemisphere to pioneer

the scientific applications of Canopy Walkway systems; scientists have discovered new

plant and animal species at ACEER-supported facilities; and new medicines have been

discovered at our ethnobotanical gardens. Today we continue to offer life transforming,

experiential learning opportunities to a local and global audience. ACEER has touched

the lives of more than 1 million people worldwide.


ACEER Programs


AMIGOS Partnership

Are you a Teacher or School Student? Be a part of our AMIGOS Partnership for Education.

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Students Gardening Amigos Participants Winden with Students

Experience the Amazon!

Check out our latest field study and research opportunities on our Workshops Page.

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Blue and Yellow Macaws Amazon River  Orchids


University Outreach
Gain college credits and field-based experience in a variety of academic disciplines.

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University Outreach Classroom in Peru biology students evaluating river biodiversity

Nature Tours
Travel to the Amazon with ACEER and experience the culture and environment of Peru

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Rope Bridge in Canopy  Boating on the Amazon  Hiking in the Mountains



More News from the ACEER Foundation:

ACEER and VERDE partner to help the Shipibo-Conibo peoples of the Peruvian Amazon

With each item purchased through Verde, you are making a real difference in the lives of the Shipibo-Conibo peoples of Amazonia. Each piece is unique, hand-made, and reflecting the sacred wisdom and symbols of these native peoples. Every item represents a part of the rich traditions of the Shipibo that go back thousands of years, demonstrating in a powerful way that the culture and natural resources of the Amazon can be protected. Proceeds from your purchases will allow ACEER to supply badly needed educational materials for Amazonian children, essential teacher training in conservation education, and funds for sustainable community development projects. Follow our progress and see how you are making a difference in the lives of the native peoples of Amazonia by returning here often, or by visiting us on Facebook. Thank You!


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