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Performance Markers

Your progress will be measured through the following performance markers:


  1. Answers and screens calls properly and channels them to the proper person with 95% accuracy.
  2. Utilizes equipment (copiers, fax, printers) as trained and within office policy.
  3. Types written correspondence with attention to spelling, punctuation, and accuracy 90% of the time.
  4. Demonstrates working knowledge of campus information, off campus housing and roommate matching and R25 on the web site and utilize appropriate resources for information gathering.
  5. Assists staff as necessary to ensure timely response to reservation requests and client on-site needs.
  6. Shares information/knowledge to assist others to accomplish work assignments.
  7. Demonstrates (shows) self confidence 95% of the time.
  8. Seeks and participates in opportunities for training, workshops and self improvement ie. Completing the leadership and diversity requirements, executive leadership series, certified student leader program and the co-curricular portfolio.


  1. Listens and considers others ideas.
  2. Demonstrates professional communication skills when communicating in person, by telephone and by email 98% of the time.
  3. Supervisor is briefed promptly (within 6 hours) about campus, building, or staff emergencies and provided with regular updates.
  4. Review assignments with colleagues and if necessary, your supervisor to ensure full understanding.
  5. Answers phones within 3 rings and does not place people on hold for more than 30 seconds without an update.
  6. Provides regular feedback to supervisor regarding assignments, accomplishments, and the inability to meet established deadlines.


  1. Recognizes and takes the initiative to identify and resolve problems.
  2. Demonstrates ability to understand varied circumstances, limitations, or restrictions when proposing solutions.
  3. Delegates appropriately.


  1. Coordinates additions, changes and updates to building events and services before or as the client needs it.
  2. Work activities are completed within assigned time schedules.
  3. Logs are completed after each shift and include all necessary information.
  4. Adheres to the established work hours for arrival and departure from work including meals and breaks (minimizing time spent on personal business).
  5. Ensures proper security measures for (documents, files, cash, checks, and sensitive/confidential information) are followed according to prescribed procedures.
  6. Maintains work areas (including lobby and storage areas) to be clean, clear and free from all obstacles that could result in injury or impede job duties.
  7. Requests for absences are made in advance in the Replacement Log unless there are extenuating circumstances. Appropriate and timely staff follow up occurs in the event the shift has not been covered. The immediate supervisor is notified ONLY if necessary coverage cannot be established.


  1. Demonstrates knowledge of dealing effectively with sensitive issues and people.
  2. Interacts effectively with peers and the public to accomplish assignments and deliver services in a respectful, efficient, and courteous manner.
  3. Assists and encourages other staff with positive attitude.
  4. Will address another employee about inappropriate behavior (including inappropriate ethnic, race, religion, gender jokes, and/or written material) in the work place toward another employee, client or member of the public or if uncomfortable, notify a supervisor as soon as possible.