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Student Assistance


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Student Assistance

Kimberly Chestnut
Phone: 610-436-3086

Christy Lanshe
Phone: 610-436-0165

Student Assistance Information

The Assistant Dean of Students provides assistance and support for students who are away from the campus for a minimum of three class days due to illness, personal or family emergencies. A note will be circulated to the student's professors advising the professor of the absence. The student is also encouraged to contact his/her professors to make arrangements on any missed work.

To utilize this service, the student or family member needs to complete the Request Instructor Notification for Absences Form. In some cases, if a student is unable to return to one or more of their classes, the Student Assistance Team can be helpful in determining the best course of action. Students or family members should contact the office at 610-436-3086 to discuss their options.

For other incidents or behaviors of concerns, the Assistant Dean of Students works in conjunction with the Student Behavior Review Committee to provide outreach to students when concerns for their health, welfare and safety are identified. Please complete the Concerning Incident or Behavior Form to provide notification to the Assistant Dean.

If you have any questions, please call Dr. Kimberly Chestnut, Assistant Dean of Students. 610-436-3086, or Christy Lanshe at 610-436-0165
If the situation is an emergency, please call Public Safety at 610-436-3311.

Dr. Kimberly Chestnut

"Dr. Kimberly Chestnut"Dr. Chestnut is pleased to serve as the Assistant Dean of Students, providing direct student assistance on behalf of the Division of Student Affairs and overseeing Student Health Services, Counseling & Psychological Services, Wellness Promotion, and Center for Women and Gender Equity. Kimberly has a background in health education, human sexuality, psychology, and diversity leadership. She is excited to work with West Chester students and is committed to helping them succeed. West Chester University is well resourced to support student health, safety, and success. You are encouraged to call on any department for support information and contact Kimberly if she can be of help.


Christy Lanshe

"Christy Lanshe"Christy joined West Chester University in 2008. Since 2010, she has been a member of the Student Health Services team, overseeing the front desk operations for the demanding clinic, and is a proud advocate for student success. In the office of Student Assistance, she is a point of contact for individuals who are in need of support when they are absent from class three or more consecutive days, due to a reason or concern of an appropriate matter. She works closely with the Assistant Dean of Students to ensure the proper channels are selected to notify professors when necessary. She is approachable, friendly and a confidential/trusting source. She enjoys seeing the students thrive throughout their years at WCU and wants them to have a great college experience.

Christy's trainings and certificates include: Mental Health First Aid USA, LGBTQA ally, Faculty/Staff Green Dot Bystander for Sexual Assault Prevention, and TRANS 101 to further her knowledge and awareness to confirm her commitment to understanding and supporting Transgender/Non-Binary students at WCU. She has also participated in a Rainbow Connection Leadership Conference as a moderator.