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New Student Orientation


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New Student Orientation

202 Lawrence Center
West Chester, PA 19383

Phone: 610-436-3305
Fax: 610-430-5945



September 24-25.  See the schedule of events here.



We would appreciate your feedback about your experience at Parent orientation.

Parent Orientation Survey


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Parent Handbook


Welcome Parents and Families to West Chester University! We are excited to welcome you and your student to our campus, and we value your involvement and support. Our programs are designed to ensure your student's success as they transition from high school to college or from another school to West Chester University.

Why Orientation?

All first-year (freshman) students are required to attend a two-part orientation program: a one-day program held in June, and August orientation that's held move-in weekend. Transfer students who have earned fewer than 60 credits must attend a one-day orientation in August. We encourage you to explore the First Year and the Transfer Student tabs for more information to review with your student as they prepare for orientation.

What to Expect at Orientation

On all first-year and transfer orientation days we offer an optional parent/family orientation session for you.  If you attend this optional program, you and your student will follow different schedules for the day.  The parent and student programs both have valuable information for you and your student as they transition to WCU.

You will receive the day's schedule and a parent folder with information and an overview of WCU at check-in.  During the day you will learn about the resources available for you and your student, network with faculty and staff, and have some of your unanswered questions resolved.

Please refer to the First-Year and Transfer tabs for more information about the orientation day, registration, and experience.

Sample Orientation Schedules

Parent FAQs

  1. When should my student choose their orientation session?
    As soon as possible once registration opens. Discuss a date that works with your schedule and register for that date online. Sessions can fill up quickly so the sooner a date is selected and confirmed the better. Requests to change a scheduled orientation date can only be accommodated if space permits.  Students must stay for the entire program, so choose an orientation date that will not conflict with other commitments or appointments. 
  2. Why is orientation mandatory?
    Orientation is mandatory for all new first-year (freshman) students and transfer students who have earned fewer than 60 credits prior to the start of their first semester at WCU.  Orientation is mandatory because we have found that it is a crucial first step toward a student's success at WCU.  Orientation gives new students an opportunity to learn about the campus, review their academic plan, meet other new students, and find the many resources available to foster their success.
  3. Does WCU offer overnight housing the day before our orientation program, or are there hotel accommodations in the area?
    University Student Housing may offer overnight accommodations in one of its affiliated residence halls.  Inquiries can be sent to  A list of area hotels can be found on the University's Lodging page.
  4. Will we see a residence hall?
    There will be optional tours to see a residence hall at the end of the day.
  5. Will I have time to visit other campus offices?
    Yes, most offices will stay open until 4:00 pm on orientation days
  6. How much is the orientation fee and will it appear on my student's tuition bill?
    The orientation fee is $155.00 for first-year students and $68 for transfer students. This fee covers all the costs associated with the orientation program including staffing, food, business expenses, student ID cards and student meals. The first-year orientation fee is higher because it includes the cost of both the June and August orientations that are required for first-year students.  This fee will NOT appear on your student's tuition bill.
  7. Where do I park for orientation?
    Parking information and a campus map can be found by clicking the Parking icon on the New Student Programs homepage.
    Street parking is controlled by the Borough of West Chester and is strictly enforced. View our Campus Map.
  8. Why do my student and I have different schedules for orientation?
    During orientation, students are placed into small groups according to their major and housing. These groups are facilitated by orientation leaders who are trained to specifically focus on the needs of the incoming students, to answer their questions, and to give them the opportunity to meet other new students. The parent/family program is a mix of group presentations and conference-style "workshops" where you can select a session to attend based on your interest. This program also offers opportunities for parents and family to have their questions answered.
  9. What if we cannot attend any of the scheduled orientation days?
    If you are unable to attend one of the scheduled orientation days, please call the New Student Programs Office at (610) 436-3305 to discuss arrangements for your student to fulfill their orientation obligation.
  10. What if my student misses his or her scheduled orientation day?
    While we ask that you make every effort to attend your scheduled orientation session, we realize that unexpected events occur. If your student is unable to make their scheduled orientation, call New Student Programs at (610) 436-3305 to reschedule for a later session or to make other arrangements for your student to fulfill their orientation obligation.

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