Guide to Residential Living

West Chester University

Residence Life and Housing Services
202 Lawrence Center
West Chester, PA 19383
fax: 610-430-5945

Package Policy

The following guidelines have been established concerning the detaining of packages in all University housing facilities:

  1. If a staff member has good reason to believe that an individual is bringing an item(s) of an illegal nature into any housing facility, the staff member reserves the right to detain both the individual and the alleged illegal property. A staff member shall be defined as a Resident Assistant, Graduate Assistant/Head Resident Assistant, Resident Director/Graduate Hall Director or Security Officer.
  2. In the event that a staff member detains you as you enter a residence hall or apartment, the following procedure should be adhered to as documented.
    1. The staff member should remind you that the University reserves the right to inspect packages when “probable cause” exists to suspect that the package being brought into the facility contains an item(s) of illegal nature.
    2. If, after being informed of the University’s policy, you choose to leave the building with the package, the matter will not be pursued.
    3. If you do not leave the building or area, the staff member will:
      1. Detain you
      2. Request your name and local address
      3. Ask you what the package contains
      4. If you admit to having an illegal item, disciplinary action will be taken. If you refuse to comply with the staff member’s request, you will be informed that the Resident Director/Graduate Hall Director and/or Public Safety retain the right to inspect all packages entering the building. Public Safety and/or the Resident Director/Graduate Hall Director will be notified
  3. If, upon being detained, you attempt to pass by the staff member after being confronted, Public Safety and the Resident Director/Graduate Hall Director will be notified.

This policy is to be enforced at the discretion of staff members. Any questions or concerns about this policy should be directed to the Office of Residence Life and Housing Services at 202 Lawrence Center.