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Schedule Changes: Dropping, Adding, and Withdrawing from Courses

Adding a Course

The add period extends to the first seven calendar days for fall/spring semesters. The add period is adjusted for summer sessions based on number of days. Students may add courses online through the myWCU portal as long as they have met the prerequisites and the course has seats available.

Dropping a Course

The drop period extends to the first six calendar days in fall/spring semester. The drop period is adjusted for summer sessions based on the number of days. Students may drop courses online. Please be aware that additional charges may apply based on the refund schedule. Therefore, if you plan to attend full time, you should drop a course only when you can add another course to stay at full-time status.

Withdrawing from a Course

Students may submit an online course withdrawal from their myWCU account. Simply follow the procedure to drop a course and the course withdrawal will be processed based on the academic calendar dates. A grade of W (withdraw) will be entered on the academic record. The withdrawal period starts after the drop period and ends the ninth class week or the equivalent in summer sessions.

After the ninth week of classes, students may not withdraw selectively from courses; they must withdraw from the University, which is a term withdrawal. A term withdrawal must be processed at the Registrar's Office; it cannot be done online. The University will record a "W" for all courses in which the student is registered. However, if the effective date of official withdrawal is during the last week of classes, a letter grade or NG will be assigned for that course. A student may not receive a W during the last week of classes.

Students who fail to withdraw from or drop a course officially can expect to receive a grade of F for the course and are financially responsible to pay for it.