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West Chester University

West Chester University
West Chester, PA 19383

Student Code of Conduct

VIII. Construction

The language contained in this document shall be construed according to ordinary common usage. Terms used include the following:

Appeal: A review of the adjudication of the University hearing officer/board by the director of judicial affairs and student assistance, appeals board, or designee.

Conference: An initial meeting between the referred student and the hearing officer to discuss the charges and give the referred student the opportunity to admit responsibility for charges and waive a hearing or to request a hearing.

Designee: A person who is authorized to make decisions in the absence of the named administrative officer or when said administrator chooses not to exercise his or her authority.

Hearing: A formal proceeding at which the complainant (charging party) and the referred student or organization make presentations to the hearing officer/board. The hearing officer/board will determine the referred student's responsibility for the violation.

University Business Day: Any day during which West Chester University is otherwise open for business.

Waiver (Waiving): The knowing, willing, and voluntary relinquishment of part or all of the rights to due process contained in the Student Code of Conduct by a student or student organization charged with a violation(s).