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West Chester University

West Chester University
West Chester, PA 19383

Statement on Sexism

Every individual has the right to enjoy and obtain an education without fear of demeaning, degrading, and/or sexist activities directed at their respective gender.

West Chester University will strive to encourage its students to refrain from activities that may be viewed as an infringement on human dignity.

In accordance with these principles, West Chester University urges individual members of the community to refrain from activities that are sexist, or which demean and degrade others on the basis of gender. Further, the University will not knowingly encourage such activities nor lend its name or resources in the promotion of entertainments having as their theme the degradation of any person or persons on the basis of gender.

The University recognizes and respects the right of free expression and accepts the reality that in many cases individual members of the community will not share the principles underlying this statement of position. The purpose of this statement is simply to make clear that the University first encourages its members to respect the equal dignity of all human beings, regardless of gender; and, second, will not knowingly promote, as an entity, entertainments that focus on such activities.