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College Arms FAQ's


What is the application process for College Arms?
Any individual or group of registered West Chester University students may apply for accommodations in the College Arms Apartments. Please note that submission of a completed application will not guarantee any individual or group of students any specific assignment in the apartment or complex.

College Arms Assignment Process and Timeline:

  1. Each Person needs to pay the $200.00 deposit at the Bursar's Office, 25 University Avenue, by 4:00 pm on December 11, 2015, for priority consideration.
  2. One complete application should be submitted by 4:00 pm on december 11, 2015, to 202 Lawrence for priority consideration.
  3. Deposits, credits earned, and judicial status will be verified over semester break. Credits earned as of January 4, 2016, will be used for scoring applications.
  4. Applications will be scored as shown below. this is for your information only. DO NOT COMPLETE THIS SECTION.
      • Earned Credits as of 1/4/16 (for each student on the application)
      • -Subtraction of 15 points for each active judicial sanction (all applicants)*
      • =Equals Total Points for application

        *Students who are on an active judicial sanction at the time of housing selection will be assessed a 15 point penalty for each person on probation. This adjusted total will be used in determining ranking for housing priority.

After Scoring, all applications will be put in score order, highest to lowest. students will be contactedin this order to schedule a placement appointment. Students must attend this appointment to choose a unit style, review the occupancy agreement and conditions, and sign their occupancy agreement. Students who are unable to schedule their appointment in a timely fashion may lose their place in the priority order.

Can I live with someone who is not the same gender as me?
Yes.  We have received administrative approval for College Arms to be Gender Inclusive for 2016-2017. Students in mixed gender groups who are offered a space in College Arms will be asked to sign a “Gender Inclusive Supplemental Housing Agreement” at the time the Occupancy Agreement is signed.  A sample of this agreement is available at 202 Lawrence.

Are utilities included?

Is cable TV service included?

Yes.  Basic cable service is provided.  Students can opt to subscribe to additional service through Comcast.

Are kitchen appliances included?

Each kitchen is equipped with a refrigerator and stove.

Is there air conditioning?

Air conditioning will be provided in each unit.

What furniture is provided?
Each apartment will be furnished with a bed and a dresser for each student, a small dining table and chairs, and living room furniture. The furniture for the living room will be comprised of upholstered seating, a coffee table, an end table, and a floor lamp. The amount of seating and styles of upholstered furniture will vary depending on the occupancy of the apartment.

Is parking available at College Arms?
College Arms residents must meet Public Safety eligibility for a permit. Questions regarding parking eligibility should be referred to Public Safety directly.

Are laundry facilities available?
Students living in College Arms are able to use the laundry facilities located in Killinger Hall.

How is mail delivered?
College Arms mail is delivered directly by the US Postal Service. There is no campus mail delivery for this apartment complex.

What size beds are provided?
Beds are Twin-extra-long.