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West Chester University

West Chester University
West Chester, PA 19383

Public/Directory Information

West Chester University from time to time makes public certain kinds of information about students, such as the names of those who receive scholarships, hold offices, or are members of athletic teams. Various kinds of campus directories are published throughout the year to help members of the University community locate and communicate with each other. The commencement programs publish the names of those who have applied for graduation.

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, as amended, defines the term "directory information" to include the following categories of information: the student's name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, date and place of birth, major field of study, class, participation in officially recognized activities and sports, weight and height of members of athletic teams, date of attendance, degrees and awards received, and the most recent previous educational agency or institution attended by the student. The University will limit information that is made public to categories such as these but will not necessarily publish all such information in every listing.

Undergraduate and graduate students who do not wish to have any or all of such directory information published without their prior consent must submit a Request to Prevent Disclosure of Directory Information form to the Office of the Registrar within 15 calendar days after the beginning of each fall semester. If a student places this hold on his or her account, it will remain in effect until otherwise notified.