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Danielle Masland started this newsletter last year but has since graduated and is working hard at her dietetic internship to become a Registered Dietitian (RD, LDN). I loved the idea of this newsletter, so I’m grateful to be taking over this year as ARAMARK’s nutrition intern at WCU. I’m in my last year here and am looking forward to becoming a Registered Dietitian as well. Please email me with any nutrition-related questions and suggestions for this newsletter. I’ll try my best to incorporate them into the future newsletters. Check out Nutrition 101 on the bulletin by Side Cafe. Thanks for reading!

-Cheryl Maciorakowski  Contact the Author

Current Issue: Appreciating Abundance, World Hunger, The Practice of Mindful Eating, Help Fight Hunger

NN#10: Multicultural Potlucks, Polish Food, Reinventing Childhood Foods, Ethnic Eats: City Food 

                       Tours & Events

NN#9: Preparing for Temptations Around the Holidays, Are You Newly Vegetarian or Vegan?, Food

                       Safety: Frightening Stats and Safe Tips, Less Scary Snacking Options

NN#8: The Typical American Diet, Gradual Changes Make a Difference, Where the Salt is Hiding,

NN#7: Beyond Sweet, Sour, Salty and Bitter, Food Safety with Leftovers, Why Beige is Better than
White, Recipe: Creamy Potato Leek Soup

NN#6: Wonderful Wanuts, National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Try Something New

NN#5: Its Pumpkin Season!, So What’s in it For Me?, Easy Pumpkin Recipes, Where to go Pumpkin

NN#4: Arsenic in Rice?, Grains Galore!, Seasonal Veggies & Mashed Rutabaga Recipe

NN#3: Are You Getting Enough Iron?, Fighting Fatigue with Food, Common Food Myths, Healthful Snack Ideas, Campus Resources

NN#2: The Anatomy of an Apple, Increasing Bone Density to Prevent Osteoporosis, The Role of Nutrition in Bone Health, Baked Apples Recipe,

NN#1: Welcome Back!,  Keeping the Salad Bar Healthy, 27th Annual Mushroom Festival!


Issue # 24: Whole Grain Goodness, Food of the Week: Oatmeal, Get Cooking: Healthy Banana Oat Cookies, The Mysteries of Metabolism

Issue #23: Tha Caffeine Conundrum, Food of the Week: Edamame, Get Cooking: Lemony Pesto
Pasta with Edamame, Saturated Fat

Issue # 22: A Little Sports Nutrition, Food of the Week: Salmon, Get Cooking: Balsamic Glazed Salmon, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Issue # 21: Apps for Your Health, What is GERD, Food of the Week: Mushrooms, Get Cooking:

Portobella Burgers.

Issue # 20: Sensational Smoothies, Celiac Disease, Food of the Week: Cabbage, Get Cooking

Issue #19: Intuitive Eating, Fat Soluble Vitamins, Food of the Week: Wheat Germ, Get Cooking!

Issue #18: Eating Disorder Awareness Week, Food of the Week: Tuna, Get Cooking - Tuna Pasta

Issue #17: Healthy Eating Off Campus, Food of the Week: Kale, Get Cooking - Kale Chips, A Student's Perspective.

Issue #16: Healthy Valentine's Day, Eat Your Way to a Healthy Heart, Food of the Week: Dark Chocolate

Issue #15: New Year, New You, Food of the Week: Onions, Get Cooking - Onion Casserole, Keeping Your Resolutions

Issue #14: Fending Off the Flu, Food of the Week: Tahini, Get Cooking - Red Pepper Hummus, Christmas Dinner Around the World

Issue #13: Food For Thought, Fermented Foods, Food of the Week: Spinach, Get Cooking- Green Smoothie

Issue #12: The Virtues of Vinegar, Food of the Week: Chickpeas, Get Cooking - Roasted Chickpeas, What Does Organic Really Mean?

Issue #11: Hey Sugar, Do You Have Diabetes?, Do You Have Prediabetes?, Hey Sugar Continued....

Issue #10: Scary Facts About Halloween Candy, Helpful Halloween Hints, Food of the Week: Brussel Sprouts!, Get Cooking!

Issue# 9: Proper Portions, Food of the Week: Cinnamon, Get Cooking: Cinnamon Roasted Almonds, Do B-Vitamins Really Give You Energy?

Issure# 8: Seasonal Produce, Get Fibered Up!, Food of the Week: Pumpkin,Get Cooking!

Isuue #7: Smart Snacking, Food of the Week: Lentils, Get Cooking: Lentil Tacos, Vegetarian vs. Vegan

Issue #6 : Color Your Plate, The Dish on Diet Soda, Food of the Week: Sweet Potatoes, Get Cooking.

Issue #5: Calcium - it's in more than just Milk, Food Allergies 101, Food of the Week: Peanuts, Get Cooking.

Issue #4: Start the Year Off Right, Food of the Week: Apples, Staying Sweet (without the sugar), Spare a Second for Soy.

Issue #3: How to Read a Label, The Magic of Fruits and Vegetables, Food of the Week: Eggs, Understanding BMI.

Issue #2: Build a Better Breakfast, Let’s Talk About Carbs, Food of the Week: Quinoa, Eat This, Not That.

Issue #1: The New and Improved Lawrence, Dorm Room Snacks, Perfect Portions, The Skinny on Fat.