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Excuse Notes for Illness

Involuntary Medical Withdrawal


As a Health Care Organization, we have explicit responsibility to protect and preserve the confidentiality of all medical information resulting from the professional relationships with patients within Student Health Services. Confidential information contained in medical records and associated papers are restricted to authorized personnel.

Exceptions to confidentiality can occur only under certain circumstances. These exceptions include serious immediate threat to a student’s life or welfare or to the life or welfare of another person.

Excuse Notes for Illness

Student Health Services does not provide excuses for students who miss class due to illness or injury. Students who miss class due to illness or injury are encouraged to notify faculty as directed by the faculty member.

This policy is consistent with our commitment to maintain confidentiality, encourage appropriate use of health care resources, and support meaningful dialogue between faculty and student.

Students are responsible for promptly notifying instructors about absences caused by illness or injury, preferably prior to class time.  We encourage faculty members to have the appropriate conversation with the student that allows the student to represent the situation to the faculty member.

In the event of a documented prolonged student illness of three days or longer duration, Student Health Services notifies the Director of Judicial Affairs and the Dean of Students, who will then notify the student’s professors of the student absence.

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Involuntary Medical Withdrawal Policy

West Chester University is committed to fostering student success, maintaining an environment conducive to learning and assuring the safety of the community. Accordingly, the University takes appropriate measures to address student conduct that is destructive to self or others or results in serious disruption of the learning environment. In extraordinary circumstances, the University may require a student to involuntarily withdraw from the University when it determines that this measure is the only way to protect the student and/or others and/or to preserve the integrity of the learning environment. An involuntary medical withdrawal will be imposed only when the University has determined that the student poses a significant risk of substantial harm to self, others or the learning environment. This policy delineates the procedures for the imposition of an involuntary medical withdrawal.

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