Student Health Services

West Chester University

Contact Information:
Wayne Hall, 2nd Floor

Incoming Student Information and Forms

Incoming Students

Record Requirements

  • All entering students should provide proof of immunity to certain communicable diseases. 
  • Please provide health and immunization information by visiting the WCU Student Health Web Portal.
  • Please log in using your WCU username (without the “”) and password.  (For example, log in as DA123456, not  If you have problems logging in, please contact the Student Health Center at 610-436-2509. 

  • Click on Forms in the left margin to complete information for Student Health.



Release of Information Form

TB (tuberculosis) Test Form: Education Majors

TB (tuberculosis) Test Form: Nursing Majors

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Release of Information Forms

Permission for WCU Student Health Center to send or receive your health information to or from another health care provider:
WCU Release of Information


Release of Information forms are used per episode of illness as needed, rather than as a blanket release form for the entire time a student is attending classes.

TB Testing Forms

Form for education majors

Form for nursing majors   


Health insurance information                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

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