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Graduate & Professional School Resources for Students

There are a number of useful resources available on campus and online for individuals considering applying to graduate or professional school. Faculty members and professional school advisers are critical to consult with to identify programs that are a good fit for one’s goals, assess your readiness for graduate or professional study, obtain recommendations, and learn more about the application process.

The career center has a resource library with graduate school resources, including books about writing application essays.  Students may also schedule an appointment with a staff member to:

  • Discuss career goals and determine whether graduate study will help achieve and advance those goals.
  • Learn how to research and obtain more information about specific programs of interest.
  • Get assistance with how to identify other factors that help one determine where to apply, such as financial aid, geographic location, size of the institution, student life, and more.
  • Have personal statements, resumes, and related materials reviewed to ensure goals and experiences are well represented within the application.

Graduate School Websites & GRE

Medical & Health Professions Programs

Law School

Business School

Education Programs

Test Prep Resources


Graduate School Web Resources

GRE Official Site - Free magazines also available in the Career Center.

Peterson’s Guide to Graduate Study - Print directories also available in the Career Center.

Graduate School Guide - Free print guides available in the Career Center

College Source

* The WCU Library has a subscription that enables users to search complete university catalogs from on campus

International Graduate

Graduate School Tips

U.S. News & World Report Graduate School Guide

Medical & Other Health Professions

West Chester University Pre-Medical Program

American Association of Medical Colleges

American Association of Colleges of Nursing

American Academy of Physician Assistants

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy

Association of Schools of Public Health

Careers in Genetics

American Dental Association

American Dental Education Association

Association of Veterinary Medical Colleges

American Veterinary Medical Association

Law School

West Chester University Pre-Law Program

Law School Admissions Council (LSAC)

Internet Legal Resource Group: Online Listing of Law Schools

Business School

Graduate Management Admissions Council (GMAC)

All Business Schools

Education Schools

Education Degree . com

ETS/Praxis information

Masters in Education

Additional Resources

There are a variety of resources to prepare for graduate entrance exams; this list is not comprehensive.  Local community colleges also often offer test prep courses. By linking to these sites, the career center does not endorse nor support any one program or enterprise; rather, these links are for your convenience.  Note that many preparatory programs are fee-based services and we encourage you to investigate and research your options carefully.

West Chester University - Graduate Test Prep Courses

Test Prep Review

* Includes good information about the process of evaluating and applying to graduate programs; this is not exclusively a test-prep site.


Princeton Review

Knewton Test Prep

Masters Degrees Online - GRE Test Prep Guide