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West Chester University

225 Lawrence Center
West Chester, PA 19383
Phone: 610.436.2501

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Welcome to the Alumni page for the Career Development Center. You will find many resources which can assist you at different points in your career search.

Because people come to the Career Center at varying points in the career process or have differing needs, individuals may not always begin their search in the same spot. The navigation buttons on the left will assist you in accessing different resources, from assessment tools, resume samples, job search sites and graduate school information.

For example, if you are interested in developing a resume, you will be able to see samples and other resources on the "Resumes and Job Search Tools" button. If you are considering graduate school, you may want to begin with the Graduate School information button.

If you want to schedule an appointment with one of the Career Development staff, we suggest contacting the office by phone (610.436.2501) during our regular office hours. This allows us to arrange a mutually convenient time for the meeting and to suggest some preparation activities if appropriate.

If you need additional assistance, please feel free to contact us directly, our emails and brief description of areas of expertise may be found on the "Who We Are" link found on the CDC Home page. We look forward to assisting in your career search.

In addition to our office, there are a number of other places you may seek assistance with career transitions and related questions:

If you need a copy of your official WCU transcript, you can now order a copy online through the Registrars' Office by visiting this link:

And don't forget to visit the WCU Alumni page: