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Student & Alumni Frequently Asked Questions - Ram Career Network

UPDATE January 28, 2014:

What is Ram Career Network?
Ram Career Network is WCU’s online career management system for you to access jobs and internships, manage career documents such as resumes and cover letters, sign-up for on-campus interviews and more!

Do I need to create an account in Ram Career Network?
WCU students will have an account in Ram Career Network and can log in using your WCU Network ID (e.g., and password. Once in your account, you will need to update your profile to reflect your academic information such as your major and your career interests. Alumni create their own username (a valid email address) and password for access to the system.

ATTENTION December 2013 graduates: on January 27 we converted all students with a December 2013 graduation date to Alumni status. If you did not in fact graduate, please contact the office at and we can reinstate your Student status.


When can I starting using the system?
NOW! Students and alumni may log in (both groups click on the logo to the right), complete your Profile information, upload a resume for review, and begin reviewing and applying to jobs and internships.

Spring On-Campus Recruiting is being scheduled now, so look for those employers who are COMING TO CAMPUS to interview you!

Click here for a brief tutorial.

Ram Career Network


How do I upload my resume?
Go to the Resume option under “Getting Started” quick link on your home page OR click “My documents” tab at the top. Provide a label/name for your document, browse for the file on your computer, and click submit. Once the document in converted, your resume will be under your “Pending Documents” tab.

Will resumes be reviewed by the Career Development Center staff?
Yes. Within two business days of the upload, a staff member will provide feedback on your uploaded resume. Please look for subject line “Resume Review Update” via email from for your resume review.

Can I upload multiple resumes?
Yes, you can upload multiple resumes and documents (e.g. cover letters, scanned transcripts) into your account. However, only your initial resume will be reviewed by staff. Subsequent resumes will not be reviewed.

Is there a file-size limit to my resume?
Yes, there is a file size limit of 200KB.

What file formats are acceptable for uploads into my account in Ram Career Network?
A wide variety of file formats are acceptable. Check the file size limit; if you have trouble uploading a document you may contact the office.

My resume is taking a long time to upload. Why?
Some documents upload very quickly but depending upon file size, how busy the system is, etc. it can take longer. If it takes more than 5 minutes, try the following:
- Shorten the label (filename)
- Make sure the file is not more than 200KB.
If you are still unable to upload, call the Career Development Center at (610) 436-2501.