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Card Systems Practical Guidelines

The following is a listing of some of the practical things you need to know as a Purchasing Card Program participant.  Just click on the index topic to view the section.

Enrolling in the Program Establishing Spending Limits
Activating your Card Where to Use the Card
Unauthorized Purchases Recordkeeping
Declined Transactions Disputing Transactions
Billing Statements Budget Impact
Budget Reporting Personal Use of Account
Changing Departments Leaving the University
Lost or Stolen Cards Tax Exempt Status

Enrolling in the Program

    To enroll in the program you must be a current West Chester University of Pennsylvania employee.  The person with authority and responsibility for allocation and expenditures of funds from and within the limits of the department's approved budget must sign the enrollment form.  The Cardholder Enrollment Form is available on the web.

Establishing Spending Limits

    The default spending limits may vary from cardholder to cardholder.  The default limits will be set at $500.00 per transaction and $5,000.00 per billing cycle (month) unless the department's budget will not support this level of spending, in which case the limits will be amended accordingly.

Activating Your Card

    To activate your account once you have received training, call 1-800-270-7760.  You will be prompted to provide several pieces of data that verify your identity.  Please remember to follow the written instructions you received with your card.

Where to Use the Card

    All vendors that accept VISA will accept the West Chester University Purchasing Card.

Unauthorized Purchases

    You may NOT utilize your purchasing card account for:

      Personal Purchases (STRICTLY PROHIBITED)
      Personal Identification
      Travel related lodging, subsistence, transportation and entertainment expenses
      Cash Advances
      Telephone Calls or Monthly Services
      Development, printing and/ or distribution of any official University document or publication   (with official name, seal or logo) without first securing approval of Publications Office, or official public advertising of without the consent of the Public Relations Office
      Restricted items, such as alcohol, weapons, drugs [controlled substances], hazardous materials, and other restricted goods and services. 
      Any other type of purchase prohibited by law, policy or regulation as referenced in the Purchasing Guidelines or during cardholder training.

      Please reference the full Policy Manual for additional information.


    The careful matching of complete support documents to statement is vital to the successful use of this program. Whenever a purchasing card purchase is made, either over the counter or by telephone, fax or internet, documentation shall be retained as proof of the purchase or order placement.  Such documentation will be used to verify the purchases listed on the Cardholder's monthly statement of account.  Failure to submit the required documentation with the statement will result in the revocation of your account.

Declined Transactions

    When a purchasing card transaction is declined, it is usually for one of the following reasons:

      Transaction exceeds your spending limits, either single transaction or monthly
      The expiration date was entered incorrectly
      The billing address entered is incorrect
      The purchase is prohibited (alcohol, weapons, drugs, etc)

    Please ask the vendor to verify these pieces of data prior to contacting the Card Administrator.

Disputing Transactions

    It is the cardholder's responsibility to contact the vendor directly for any transaction they wish to dispute.  If you cannot resolve the dispute directly with the vendor, you may then dispute the transaction utilizing the PaymentNet website.

Billing Statements

    You will be able to create your billing statement through the PaymentNet® website 48 hours after the end of each billing cycle (last day of the month).   Supporting documentation must be attached to this statement (in statement transaction order) and sent to the Card Administrator no later than two weeks after the billing date. 

Budget Impact

    When you utilize your purchasing card account to make a purchase, the velocity check system does NOT check to see if you have sufficient funds in your budget. You are at risk of over-spending your budget if you do not first verify your fund center balance prior to making any card purchase.

Budget Reporting

    Purchasing Card transactions are loaded into the financial system at the end of each billing cycle (usually the first week of each month) and are reported to you via the SAP Financial System. 

Personal Use of Account

    (STRICTLY PROHIBITED) Employees may NOT make purchases with purchasing cards for personal use goods or services, nor may the cards be used to make such acquisitions with the intent to reimburse the University. 

Changing Departments

    If you are a current cardholder and are changing departments, you may keep your current card account if the department manager for your new department approves.  Please contact the card administrator to have your default accounting codes changed to your new department.

Leaving the University

    Prior to separation or termination from University employment, the Cardholder shall surrender the purchasing card and current receipts and the current purchasing card transaction log to his/her Department Manager.  Upon its receipt, the Department Manager shall review, approve and forward to Card Administrator the month end reconciliation statement with receipts and the destroyed card (cut in half).

Lost or Stolen Cards

    In the event that you either lose your card or have it stolen, it is your responsibility to notify the service provider immediately by calling 1-800-270-7760.  Prompt action on your part is necessary to protect our program from fraudulent use.  If your card is missing or stolen you must also contact the Card Systems Coordinator (610-430-2602) by email or phone .

Tax Exempt Status

    West Chester University of Pennsylvania is exempt from all excise taxes and Pennsylvania sales tax.  The University's tax exempt ID number is prominently located at the bottom of every card.  If a vendor needs a copy of the Pennsylvania Exemption Certificate, one can be downloaded here.

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