Graduate Student Association

West Chester University

A Note from the President

Welcome to the WCU community! I am honored and excited to help you in your journey and experience as a Golden Ram. Whether you are new to campus, or a returning alumnus, we are glad that you have chosen our institution to call home.

I am very humbled and honored to have been elected President of the Graduate Student Association (GSA) and will work with everything that I have to serve my fellow students to the best of my ability. As a WCU alum myself, I hold this community in the highest regard and am eager to share that enthusiasm with you.

I began my journey as a Golden Ram as a transfer student in 2005. My previous institution was no longer the right place for me, so I sought out schools that had what I was looking for: a strong community, challenging academic environment and opportunities to get involved and to serve. West Chester gave me all of that and so much more! Once I completed my degree and teacher certification, I went out into the public school system to teach and serve for a few years. But, once I realized that I needed to further my education to go where I wanted to go and the time came to seek out Graduate programs, I knew it was time to come back home.

GSA is here for YOU! In fact, every graduate student enrolled at WCU is a member of our organization! The Graduate Student Association has been growing in size, involvement and popularity over the last few years and our Executive Board will work tirelessly to build upon this. Our population is very unique, we are international students, full-time employees, full-time students, some of us are mothers and fathers; we all have different needs, but these needs can be served.

The life of a graduate student is one full of challenges and victories large and small. My hope is that you will lean on us and each other, so that we may be a community that supports one another each and every day. I want to be a part of that support system, so if you see me around campus or at the Graduate Business Center, do not hesitate to stop me and introduce yourself! I am always happy to meet a fellow student and hear your story. Please know that you can always reach us via email at or you can stop by our office, located on the second floor of Sykes Student Union in the Student Organization complex, room 216.

Good luck to you all in the upcoming year, I wish you the very best in all that you do!

I wish you all the very best for the coming year,

Kathryn LeConey
Graduate Student Association