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Fiscal Stabilization Fund

(Excerpt from Provost Email to All Faculty dated 3/31/11)

As you are aware, Governor Corbett proposed a 50% reduction in the educational and general dollars appropriated to PASSHE. Although we are optimistic that the final Commonwealth budget will not represent this drastic reduction level, we do believe there will be a reduction. To ensure that we continue to provide our students with quality education and opportunities, to continue to provide programs that are critical to fulfilling our mission, and to protect as many jobs as possible, President Weisenstein has created a Fiscal Stabilization Fund.

The Fiscal Stabilization Fund was established through capturing 50% of the June 30, 2010 rollover dollar balances. The Stabilization Fund will bridge the gap between revenues and expenditures next year. Given the conditions of our collective bargaining agreements and our commitment to our work force (75% of WCU's budget is directly tied to personnel and benefits), we cannot make significant decreases in our expenditures over a short period of time. We also will not be able to ramp up our existing revenues and create new revenue sources quickly enough to mitigate the impact of a large budget reduction. Therefore, we need to "buy" time to make budget adjustments that will have the least impact on our students, faculty, and staff, and preserve the excellence that our entire campus community has worked so hard to achieve. This may be accomplished through one time dollars in the Fiscal Stabilization Fund.

I appreciate the willingness of the campus community to work together in overcoming our immediate and long term fiscal challenges. As always, thank you for your assistance and support as we work to ensure excellence at WCU. While these are very difficult times for public higher education across the country, and especially in Pennsylvania, WCU is fortunate to have the resources that will enable us to prepare for the "new normal" in public higher education.

My office will continue to provide updates and ways for you to be involved and engaged. I appreciate your understanding and patience as we work through this together.