Office of the Provost &
Vice President for Academic Affairs

West Chester University

Contact Info
Dr. Linda Lamwers
Philips Memorial Hall
Room 103
700 South High Street
West Chester, PA 19383


Will there be a hiring freeze?

Will diversity programs be deprioritized?

Will these reductions affect tenure and promotion?

Where does tuition revenue go?

How are the budget reductions for FY10 different from the 4.25% return we had to make earlier in the year?

What's the difference between cutting "permanent" dollars from the budget versus "one-time" dollars?

Can the federal stimulus package help us?

Can faculty give back some of their time/hours to relieve the threat of cuts to staff?

What are the budget reductions for FY10?

What challenges do we face ahead in planning for FY11?

Will sabbaticals be cut?

How does summer school profit get distributed?

What's under the Admin & Finance division?

What's paid for out of the central budget?

How does the university budget get allocated among the five divisions?

What proportion of the reductions has Academic Affairs shouldered?

Can we increase enrollment in a targeted way, by favoring students who declare certain majors?

If we increase enrollment, what student services will be impacted?

Can we create post-baccalaureate, graduate or professional degree programs with differential tuition?

Can we do away with the 12-18 credit tuition plateau? Raise tuition above the 15 credit cap? Raise out-of-state tuition? Offer sliding scale or progressive tuition rates?

Can we work with the smaller PASSHE schools?

Can we recruit more veterans to capitalize on recent legislation that supports them?

Have we considered alternative delivery methods: weekends, evenings, off-campus? Run a winter term?

Can WCU speak back to Harrisburg, especially regarding unfunded mandates?

Can we set ourselves apart from the other 14 institutions; lobby BOG, Chancellor, legislators?

Can we use a summer bridge (non-developmental) to increase summer enrollment and increase access mission, perhaps to think in terms of persistence (retention?) and performance funding?

Can we realign and combine programs; share secretaries, think long-term, get rid of silos?

Can we go paperless and use technologies more efficiently?

Do dormitories generate revenue for university?

To whom can individual faculty address their questions and concerns?

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