Office of the Provost &
Vice President for Academic Affairs

West Chester University

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Dr. Linda Lamwers
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Budget Details

The following information is intended to transparently 1) provide specific details about the university budget, 2) communicate about the budget plan for the upcoming year (FY2012) and 3) most importantly, establish common ground upon which we build a collective process and strategy to face a projected deficits for FY 2012 and beyond.

  1.  University’s Base Budget (i.e. “permanent” budget, based on FY 11 figures), gets replenished every year through our revenue sources.  The two main sources of revenue are state appropriations and tuition dollars. Salary and benefits expenditures comprise 75% of our budget.

  2. Divisional Allocations.  University budget is broken down by traditional base budget allocations across the five divisions and the central budget.  See the University Budget Office webpage.

  3. Academic Affairs includes all the academic colleges, admissions, student support, and other areas.  Below please find the Academic Affairs division breakdown for the Allocated Education and General Base Budget.


Colleges comprise the largest portion of the Affairs Division


In their base EG budgets, all colleges house academic departments along with support for college specific academic programs and student support.

CAS, College of Arts and Sciences-14 academic departments.
CBPA, College of Business and Public Affairs-9 academic departments.
COE, College of Education-5 academic departments.
CVPA, College of Visual and Performing Arts-6 academic departments.
CHS, College of Health Sciences-5 academic departments.


The Provost budget includes Provost and Institutional Research personnel and operating, along with  special projects and initiatives, accreditation, and sabbaticals. 

Enrollment Services includes the Admissions, Registrar, and Financial Aid units.

The  Associate Provost area includes Associate Provost, Honors, and Undergraduate Studies and Student Support Services budgets, staff development funds, ACT 101, assessment, and Distance Ed.

The Grad area includes personel and operating budgets for the Grad office, international studies and graduate assistantships.

The Library includes all library related personnel and operating budgets.