Office of the Provost &
Vice President for Academic Affairs

West Chester University

Contact Info
Dr. Linda Lamwers
Philips Memorial Hall
Room 103
700 South High Street
West Chester, PA 19383


  1. University Base Budget: Projected Revenue Sources

  2. University Base Budget Revenue: "Other" Revenue Category Details Broken Out

  3. University Projected Expenditures

  4. University Projected Expenditures: "Other" Expense Category Details Broken Out

  5. Academic Affairs Base Budget

  6. Colleges comprise the largest portion of the Affairs Division

    • CAS, College of Arts and Sciences, the largest of the colleges, consists of 24 departments, programs, and other units
    • CBPA, College of Business and Public Affairs, consists of 13 units
    • COE, College of Education, consists of 11 units
    • CHS, College of Health Sciences, consists of 10 units
    • CVPA, College of Visual and Performing Arts, consists of 10 units

  7. The rest of Academic Affairs is comprised by the areas represented in the pie chart below.

    • The Provost includes 8 budget categories, including special projects, accreditation, general education, faculty development, advising, and Academic Affairs initiatives.

    • Associate Provost includes 19 budget categories, including personnel and operating budgets for Graduate Dean, international studies and international graduate assistantships, and for Undergraduate Studies and Student Support Services, as well as staff development, ACT101, and assessment.