Master's Degree


Masters Students PAWLP COURSES
Writing, Teaching, and
Criticism Track


Did you know that the Institutes and many of PAWLP's courses apply to the innovative Master of Arts degree in Writing, Teaching, and Criticism?

Developed with Language Arts and Secondary English teachers in mind, this flexible, year-round, professionally oriented program allows students to explore three areas of study in English - rhetoric and composition, pedagogy, and literary studies. The 36 hour program brings together theory and classroom practices in writing and rhetoric, secondary English teaching, and the interpretation of literature and other cultural discourses. The program welcomes students with an interest in exploring the way language, teaching and literature intersect.

The program:

  • Strengthens critical reading, writing, and research skills
  • Places special emphasis on the implications and applications for teaching
  • Offers specialized study in issues of cultural and classroom diversity
  • Enhances knowledge of literature and culture
  • Focuses on how writing, literary studies, and teaching intersect

In addition to the required Teacher as Writer course taught by PAWLP Director Mary Buckelew, up to four other PWP courses may apply to the twelve-course requirement of the degree.


To enroll, contact the Office of Graduate Studies at 610-436-2943.

For further information, contact Mary Buckelew at the PAWLP office, 610-436-2202. Or e-mail