Moving Writing into the 21st Century: Integrating Technology and Language Arts, 3 - 8

July 29 - August 2, 8:00 a.m. -4:30 p.m.

PWP 508-30

Location: Bucks County IU, Doylestown


This course addresses the rationale and methods for integrating technology with the writing curriculum to increase literacy and academic growth.  Instructional uses of technology will be explored and tied to current theories of learning to help educators make decisions about how to effectively integrate the use of technology across content areas. Participants will explore and reflect on the ways participatory media, aka Web 2.0, has shifted the focus of literacy from an individual expression to one with greater community involvement. The new literacies are almost all social skills involving collaboration and networking.  Participants will determine what this means in the writing classroom for the students, the teachers, and the community at large. Methods for using and integrating Web 2.0 tools will be investigated, developed and shared. It is strongly suggested that students have a working knowledge of basic technology.  Laptop required, Ipad not a suitable alternative.

“The instructor was superb! Knowlegeable, enthusiastic and with a broad range of experience, she presented the material in a thoroughly professional manner.”

“This class has drastically changed my outlook on technology. I learned so many effective ways to engage and instruct students with technology.”

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