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Dr. Page Buck


Page Buck


Dr. Page Walker Buck, MSS, LSW, PhD
Associate Professor and

Program Director
Graduate Social Work Department
Reynolds Hall 103


I teach social work from the perspective that we can affect change in radically incremental ways if we are mindful of the most elemental part of our practice: our authentic and present selves. As I reflected in a 2008 graduation speech, the power of being present and just listening is the core of a just society.


Traumatic Brain Injury

Housing and Neighborhoods


Dr. Buck’s current research focus is mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI), otherwise known as concussion. Once believed to be a rite of passage, concussions are now understood to be a serious injury with potentially life-threatening consequences.


Dr. Buck’s primary area of practice is with communities, in collaborations and organizing. After 8 years working in a residential setting with adolescents, she began community organizing work. Dr. Buck was a founding member of Community Partnerships in Action, a campus-community partnership between Bryn Mawr College and the varied communities of the Greater Norristown Area. She has presented and published on neighborhoods, housing and communities.



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