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Travel Adventures Film Series


A Geography Film/Lecture Series

These fascinating travel films are professionally produced by world-famous photojournalists who love travel and adventure.  They often are the same folks that present at the National Geographic Society in Washington, DC.  The filmmakers themselves introduce and narrate the films live from the Sykes Theater stage.

All film/lecture programs begin at 7:00 p.m. sharp in Sykes Theater on the West Chester University campus, 110 W. Rosedale Avenue, West Chester.

The program has ended for the 2013-2014 year, but read below to see the wonderful places the Travel Adventures Film Series can take you!  Check back later in the summer to view the destinations for the 2014-2015 program.

2013-2014 Program Descriptions


Route 66 September 16-17, 2013

John Holod

Rediscovering Ancient America October 14-15, 2013 Gray Warriner
Corsica and the Rivieras November 11-12, 2013 Stan Walsh
Venture to Alaska February 17-18, 2014 Dale Johnson
Lost Worlds of the Middle East March 10-11, 2014 Rick Ray
Madagascar: Land of Unique Wildlife,  People & Pirates March 24-25, 2014 Marlin Darrah


John Holod: Route 66

September 16-17, 2013

Route 66

Commissioned in 1926, Route 66 was the first highway to link Chicago to Los Angeles.  Come ride the 2000 miles of "America's Main Street" with noted cinematographer John Holod, and cross the rivers, plains, mountains, and deserts of 8 states.  See the site of the first Dairy Queen, the first McDonalds, the invention of the "corn dog", and where Lucy hid from Desi.  Learn the history of barbed-wire and the invention of the bumper sticker, and where the Blues Brothers and Betty Boop are now.  If you're on the young side, this is all fascinating new stuff for you; if you are "of an age", this program shares so much splendid nostalgia you'll be talking of it long after.

Gray Warriner: Rediscovering Ancient America

October 14-15, 2013

Ancient America

This program is both time and space travel!  Accomplished film maker Gray Warriner takes us across the US and back in time to rediscover the Ancient America found in our own back yards!  New discoveries are revealing amazing accomplishments and surprising connections.  We'll learn of the mound builders who occupied much of Louisiana for 3000 years, and of on-going discoveries of their experiences.  We'll explore the geometric earthworks of present-day Ohio's Hopewell Culture, structures that dwarf England's Stonehenge and were the science of the area in the time of Christ.  More hidden history is found at Serpent Mound in Iowa, the Illinois Cahokia area, Nevada's Lost City, and many other intriguing sites.  Come and be surprised!

Stan Walsh: Corsica and the Rivieras

November 11-12, 2013


The island of Corsica, the result of continental drift which moved the granite isle away from the Cote d'Azur of France and Italy's Ligurian Riviera, has much to enchant us.  From Napoleon to Neolithic megaliths to a modern narrow-gauge train ride we'll tour craggy cliffs near Porto and Sagone; relax in a villa near Bonifacio and see Sardinia on the horizon.  On the road to Corte, we'll visit the world-class Hermann tortoise sanctuary.  Then, we'll see Calvi, Bastia and Cap Corse, a finger-like peninsula pointing to Italy's Riviera de Levante. Through the lenses of Stan Walsh's camera, we'll skirt the Maritime Alps to the French frontier, view hidden villages, and visit Nice, Cannes, and Monaco.  Join us for all this and more!!

Dale Johnson: Venture to Alaska

February 17-18, 2014


Alaska still issues a siren call of inducement and of seduction.  It is one of the few places where sizable fragments of the natural world still exist, unfettered by any human influence.  It is also a challenge.  Alaska is a place where men come to test themselves - against the land, against the weather, and against themselves.  Dale Johnson will introduce us to some of them.  This is not the Alaska frequented by tourists, but it is an Alaska which is more like the way it once was everywhere in this State.  We'll see reclusive wildlife, such as grizzlies fishing for salmon, and competing with each other for the best places.  We'll also see Anchorage and the agricultural Matanuska Valley with its 127-pound cabbages.  We'll visit the Wrangel-Saint Alias, America's largest park at 13 million acres, and the abandoned Kennicot Copper Mine, which flourished in the early 1900's.  Come for this and more stories of lesser-known places in this gigantic land.

Rick Ray: Lost Worlds of the Middle East

March 10-11, 2014

Lost World

The Middle East is a region of paradoxes.  It is a land where people go out of their way to make a stranger feel at home, and a land that, throughout history, has witnessed acts of unspeakable brutality between enemy tribes and clans.  Astounding photographer Rick Ray brings us his personal journey into the essential nature of the Middle East.  His words and images attempt to get to the heart of some of the sources of conflict between and within these nations - Syria, Jordan, Israel, and Lebanon.  This is a fascinating attempt to give the viewer a sense of the people and culture that one cannot find on CNN.  Put away your preconceptions and join us for this unique opportunity!

Marlin Darrah: Madagascar: Land of Unique Wildlife, People & Pirates

March 24-25, 2014


The fourth largest island in the world, Madagascar has some of the planet's most unusual and delightful wildlife - from the famous lemurs to brilliant chameleons to fascinating tortoises to migrating humpback whales.  It is also home to a wonderful blending of cultures and ancient kingdoms.  Marlin Darrah, the world's most traveled film maker, introduces us to these varied peoples, many in urban life today.  We'll also learn some fascinating history, including the age of piracy, when more than 1000 pirates (such as the famous Captain William Kidd) made Madagascar their base of pirate operations in the Indian Ocean.  We'll see relics of that time, especially on the small adjacent island of St Marie.  Don't miss this one!


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Film/Lecture Program

The same film/lecture program is offered on Monday and Tuesday.  Individual tickets are $10.  Film/lecture program tickets may be ordered in advance or purchased at the door.  WCU students with current ID may attend for free.

A partial season subscription (your choice of any 4 programs) is available for $32.

A full season subscription (which includes all 6 programs) is available at a discounted rate of $48, and includes a 7th ticket "guest pass" accepted at any film/lecture program.

Pre-Program Dinner

On Tuesdays, an optional pre-program dinner is available.  Each themed dinner features a special menu selected to complement the evening's program.  The dinners, with all-inclusive pricing ($29 for subscribers, $32 for non-subscribers), enable informal conversation between folks who like to travel and to learn about travel.

Dinner reservations are limited, and available only with advanced registration and payment.  Season subscribers are given preference for dinner seating.

All Tuesday dinners begin at 5:30 p.m. in Sykes Ballroom.

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