Geography & Planning

Undergraduate Programs

Ruby Jones

The Department of Geography and Planning offers a number of areas or tracks that students can follow, and awards a Bachelor of Arts degree. For those who wish to have a good overall mix of geography courses, the general Geography track is the best choice. The Planning track offers students an opportunity to develop extensive coursework in planning, such as land use planning and development, transportation, planning law, and environmental planning.

The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) track focuses on techniques in spatial analysis using GIS software, models and technologies. Students in this track complete a series of computer-oriented courses, taught in our state-of-the-art GIS lab, equipped with GIS software (ArcGIS software and extensions, ArcGIS Server and ArcGIS-based environmental and planning models) and other GIS technology and cartographic resources. In addition to work related to the basics of GIS and cartography, this includes course work in environmental modeling, geodatabases and internet-based GIS. In conjunction with course work and lab resources, students are able to integrate GIS into their course/degree projects work, and thesis, as well as presentations and research. A number of students have been able to work with faculty on research projects and completed GIS-based internships.

The Environmental Geography track encourages environmental awareness and promotes research and service that fosters regional and global sustainability.

For students who would like to teach, the Elective Social Studies track offers a program that incorporates the courses necessary for certification to teach.

We also offer minors in Geography and Planning and in Business GIS.

For more information on programs in Geography and Planning, contact:

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