Geography & Planning

Environmental Track

Environmental Track

This track focuses on the study of the spatial distributions and spatial relations within the human-environment system.  The department environmental track affords majors opportunities to take coursework related to sustainability to understand the world's landscape and how it has been transformed or altered by either the earth's natural processes or human modifications.

This track prepares students for a number of career choices and for graduate study in geography, sustainability science, environmental science, landscape ecology, earth sciences, environmental planning, or related disciplines.

Advising Sheets

Advising sheets are available online. Paper copies can be found in Ruby Jones Hall, from either the department secretary in room 103, or on the bookcase across from room 104. Advising sheets are subject to change; majors should check with their advisor before registering for classes.

Required Courses

In addition to the general education requirements, foreign language requirements, and geography major core requirements, students in this track are required to take the following courses (6 semester hours)

  • GEO230 Environmental Conservation and Sustainability  OR
  • GEO332 Environmental Crises  AND
  • GEO324 Introduction to GIS

Elective Courses

Three additional elective courses are selected from other environmental and/or sustainability courses (9 semester hours)

  • GEO230 Environmental Conservation and Sustainability
  • GEO332 Environmental Crises
  • GEO334 Sustainable Living
  • GEO336 Environmental Planning
  • GEO338 Environmental Applications of GIS
  • GEO341 Landscape Analysis
  • GEO214 Introduction to Planning
  • GEO415 Internship in Geography and Planning
  • GEO328 Computer Cartography
  • GEO424 GIS Applications

Four additional geography courses are selected under advisement based on the student's interests. (12 semester hours)

Students in the Environmental Track may find career opportunities with:

Government Conservation Agencies

U.S. Forest Service

National Park Service

Environmental Protection Agency

Pennsylvania Department of Natural Resources

Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection

Philadelphia Parks and Recreation

Chester County Parks and Recreation

Chester County Open Space Commission

Private Land conservation agencies

Natural Lands Trust

Montgomery County Land Trust

Nature Conservancy

Brandywine Conservancy

Environmental Consulting Companies



Roy F. Weston, Inc.

For more information on this track, please contact Dr. Joan M. Welch (610-436-2940) or Dr. Joy A. Fritschle (610-436-3396).