Geography & Planning

Bachelor of Arts in Geography - Elective Social Studies Education

The BA in Geography, Elective Social Studies Education Track prepares students to teach and also prepares them for a variety of career choices in planning, environmental work, and population and site analysis. Entry into many government agencies such as EPA, Census Bureau, CIA, and Forestry Service, as well as private sector jobs, is possible by pursuing this line of study. The Elective Social Studies Education Track includes 12 geography classes, additional social science courses that meet education certification requirements, and education courses that include student teaching. The advising process gives students careful individual attention so that their interests are met, and so that they graduate in a timely manner. Students who enter the program as first year students can graduate in four years. For further information about WCU certification requirements please visit the College of Education website.

Advising Sheets

Advising sheets are available online. The Formal Admission to Teacher Education (FATE) Application is available from the College of Education. Paper copies can be found in Ruby Jones Hall, from either the department secretary in room 103, or the bookcase across from room 104. Advising sheets are subject to change; majors should check with their advisor before registering for classes.


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