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Gordon Natural Area

Gordon Natural Area (GNA) works on campus and within the community to preserve a natural area and to minimize all forms of human disturbance. It also serves as a natural laboratory for enviromental studies.

                        Gordon Nature Area

The GNA works in the classroom in the following ways:

  • 1. Outdoor Classroom, Laboratory and Garden implementation & management
  • 2. Green Legacy-tree data base (w/Geography)
  • 3. Active member of Sustainability Advisory Council and President's ClimateCommitment
  • 4. Participates in Research Day and Wellness Day events
  • 5. participates with Alumni Association in Lot F event during Homecoming

The GNA also works in the community:

  • 1. East Goshen Forest Restoration Project (w/Geography)-began in 2009
  • 2. East Bradford Streamside Restoration Project (new)-planted in fall
  • 3. West Chester Borough Emerald Ash Borer Strategy-new (w/Geography)-data sharing meeting being planned
  • 4. Judge in Chester Co Science Fair

Feel free to check out the website or stop by the two kiosk locations (in the hallway of Schmucker North and at the gate of the GNA) for more information.

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