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The College of Arts and Sciences invites applications for CAS Entrepreneur Grants. This grant opportunity supports faculty who wish to develop new, extracurricular projects.

  • At the most basic level, projects should support the mission of the College and have the potential, over time, to generate revenue. Applicants are encouraged to think broadly; projects may be internal or external to the University. Projects that offer professional development opportunities for students are encouraged.
  • Some examples of projects funded last year are providing a professional service (an autism clinic), consulting (a geoscience institute), a seminar (a marketing/communications seminar for new businesses), a workshop ( training in business writing for government employees), and a summer institute (a center for leadership and communication training).

A faculty member or a group of faculty may apply to the Dean of Arts and Sciences for up to $5000 in funding to research an opportunity and develop a feasibility study, which may include a business plan, to present to the Dean.  All permanent CAS faculty are eligible to apply.  Temporary faculty may submit a proposal with permanent faculty. If you are interested in applying and have questions, contact the Associate Dean’s office. To apply, submit a brief proposal (5-10 pages) that includes:

  • Cover page (in attachment) Purpose and background, including identification of a need or demand Research methodology, including a timeline Outcomes or deliverables (e.g., marketing study, business plan) Qualifications of faculty submitting proposal Budget (specific, itemized)
  • Brief resumes (3 pages) of faculty submitting proposal
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