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Departmental Learning Outcome Goals

AMS 200 Students Engage with the Constitutional Convention through Reacting to the Past
All history courses are designed to provide opportunities for students to meet the department's four learning outcome goals:

  • Students will construct generalizations and interpretations that demonstrate a knowledge of historical eras, change over time, historical schools of thought, and key historical concepts.
  • Students will develop their ability to communicate their knowledge of history in reasoned arguments supported by historical evidence and an appreciation of multiple causes, effects, and perspectives, in both oral and written presentations.
  • Students will be able to locate, distinguish between, and assess primary and secondary sources, and to analyze and interpret a variety of written, oral, visual, and material evidence. Students will be able to identify and acknowledge multiple points of view in primary and secondary sources, and among contending historians.
  • Students will be able to connect their knowledge of historical events and topics to a broader context (historical, political, global, historiographical, or with contemporary life and issues).