West Chester University  - Sykes Student Union


Directions and Parking:

Directions to WCU:
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Parking at WCU is limited due to our commuting population. Please plan ahead and arrive early. 

If you or someone in your party has a disability, we have a limited number of parking spots directly behind Sykes Student Union. A parking attendant will be on duty from 7-9am to aid anyone in finding those spots.

Everyone else have 2 options:

1) Pay for parking at the Sharpless St. Parking Lot (on Sharpless St, just off of High St. about 3 blocks from Sykes Student Union - parking is $10 for the day);
2) drive down New St. to South Campus, park for free in the "Q" lot near the football stadium, and take a campus shuttle up to Sykes, on North Campus. The shuttles run every 10 mins.


(Please, note that while the Conference happens in SYKES STUDENT UNION, you are not allowed to park in the SYKES parking lot except for the spots reserved as stated above; you need to use the other options and plan ahead)


Please email in advance if you have a special request.


Dr. Linda Stevenson and the Conference Organizing Committee