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Kim Giesupie, who graduated a year ago after studying Japanese for 2 years with us, applied for the JET (The Japan Exchange and Teaching) Program after one year of working. Their website is You may know about this program, which is the best exchange program the Japanese government offers. The best students from all around the globe (college graduates) apply every year and have to go through a strenuous written examination and interview.  All Japanese programs at well known colleges and universities aim for the acceptance of their students. Kim was selected as one of recipients among other candidates!  For the first time, WCU has a winner in this very competitive program, so congratulations to Kim! The program involves teaching in Japan for a year, and includes over $40,000 of stipends.  

The Department of Languages and Cultures offers the following courses in Japanese:

101 Elementary Japanese I (3) Students will study idiomatic expressions and the fundamentals of grammar. Vocabulary acquisition, writing system (hiragana and katakana), and some kanji. The relationship between language and culture will be introduced and emphasized.

102 Elementary Japanese II (3) Develops further the understanding, speaking, reading, and writing of Japanese, and emphasizes the structure of the language. Lectures, language laboratory, oral practice, and small group work. PREREQ: JPN 101 or equivalent.

201 Intermediate Japanese I (3) Spoken and written Japanese. Course is designed to reinforce the fundamentals of the Japanese language skills introduced in the elementary level. It also aims at developing the functional ability to communicate in Japanese beyond the survival level. PREREQ: JPN 102 or equivalent.

202 Intermediate Japanese II (3) Acquisition of oral skills, with the class conducted entirely in Japanese. To develop the ability to adapt appropriately and effectively in Japanese culture and society. Expansion of conversational skills. The course will also help develop cultural sensitivity, which is crucial in conducting intercultural communication. PREREQ: JPN 201 or equivalent.