Washington Area Group For Print Culture Studies

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Eleanor Shevlin
Sabrina Baron

The Washington Area Group for Print Culture Studies (WAGPCS) aims to provide a regular, monthly forum for those interested in book history and print culture studies and welcomes the participation of everyone interested in print culture (of any period or place).

Unless otherwise noted, WAGPCS meets the first Friday of every month from 3:30 to 5:00 pm in the Woodrow Wilson Room (LJ-113) in the Jefferson Building of the Library of Congress. (The Wilson Room is on the 1st floor, off the Great Hall (map). The Library is located between First and Second Streets, SE, in the District of Columbia. Nearest Metro Station for the Blue and Orange Line is Capitol South and for the Red Line is Union Station.

Past presenters include Carol Armbruster, Georgia Barnhill, Greg Barnhisel, Sabrina Baron, Marilyn Barth, Douglas Boyce, Paul Boyer, John Buchtel, Martha Carothers, Roger Chartier, Anne Coldiron, Bernard Cooperman, Lynn Cothern, Daniel De Simone, Mark Dimunation, Michael Dirda, Rachel Doggett, Elizabeth Driver, Don-John Dugas, Christian Dupont, Elizabeth L. Eisenstein, Steve Enniss, Donald Farren, Catharine Field, Oz Frankel, Lisa Gitelman, Albert N. Greco, Quint Gregory, Stephen Greenberg, Robert A. Gross, August Imholtz, Clare Imholtz, Ann Kelly, Katie King, Matt Kirschenbaum, Sandy Kita, Christopher Kyle, Kendall Larson, Eric N. Lindquist, Kathleen Lynch, Douglas McElrath, Nancy M. Mace, Steven W. May, Jerry McCoy, Steve Mentz, Kate Narvesson, Stan Nelson, Leslie Overstreet, Catherine Parisian, Jason Peacey, Elise Pugh, Daniel Raff, Jonathan Rose, Anne Sarah Rubin, Lydia Schurman, Stuart Sherman, William H. Sherman, Martha Nell Smith, Philip Soergel, Jacob Soll, Peter Stallybrass, Bart Thurber, James Tierney, James L. W. West III, Wayne Wiegand, David Whitesell, George Williams, Michael Winship, Paul Wright, Matthew Young, Mary Saracino Zboray, Ronald J. Zboray, Georgianna Ziegler, Joseph Zizek, and Steven N. Zwicker.

For their encouragement and support, the Washington Area Group for Print Culture Studies would like to thank Dr. Carolyn T. Brown, Kluge Center Director, Office of Scholarly Programs, Kluge Center, Library of Congress, and John Y. Cole, director of the Center for the Book in the Library of Congress.

For further information, visit our website (http://wagpcs.wordpress.com) contact Sabrina Baron and Eleanor Shevlin at washagpcs@umd.edu.