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West Chester University

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Dr. Jen Bacon
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Writing Track Courses

  1. Style & aesthetics: Courses in this area help students comprehend, appreciate, and practice creative and critical conventions of written discourses. Courses in this category introduce students to a specific set of creative and critical genres and provide opportunities to practice, analyze and reflect upon a variety of stylistic and rhetorical conventions.
    ENG 270 Publishing
    ENG 368 Business & Organizational Writing
    CRW 303-304 Short Story Workshop I & II
    CRW 301-302 Poetry Workshop I & II
    JRN 272 Feature Writing
    JRN 315 Magazine Article Writing
    ENG 304 Essay Workshop

  2. Power & politics: Courses in this area help students develop a respect for diversity in language (dialects, idioms, culturally meaningful expressions, etc.), and understanding of the roles that texts play in shaping society (culturally and politically). These courses provide opportunities for students to become participants in larger cultural contexts through the texts they write, read, teach, and discuss.
    WRH 210 Multicultural Writing (new course)
    WRH 310 Written Rhetoric: Power, Politics, and Environmental Writing (new course)
    WRH 315 Propaganda, Power, and Politics (new course)
    WRH 320 I, Cyborg: Technology, Writing, and the Body (new course)
    ENG 397 Tutoring Writing (opportunities for students trained in ENG 397)
    ENG 375 Strategies for Writing in the Workplace
    ENG 339 History and Dialects of the American Language
    ENG 340 Sociolinguistic Aspects of English
    JRN 225 News Writing

  3. Information literacy, technology, & media: Courses in this area introduce students to new technologies that have influenced the production and circulation of texts and information in society, including (but not limited to): internet publishing, web design, underground publishing, visual texts, television and film, etc. These courses will emphasize becoming knowledgeable and reflective users and teachers of these new "texts," as well as being creative and critical writers of them.
    WRH 205 Composing Cyberspace

    WRH 325 Technology and the English Classroom
    WRH 305 Images of School in Film
    ENG 320 Writing and Computers
    ENG 215 Views on Literacy
    FLM 200 Introduction to Film
    JRN 335 Ethical Issues in Mass Media