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BA and B.S.Ed English Assessment Graduation Requirements


Presented by the Majors' Committee
Dr. Eleanor Shevlin,

As part of its ongoing commitment to an undergraduate English major of high quality, the WCU English Department has developed three means of obtaining feedback about the program and how it helps students: 1) an exit survey 2) a student portfolio and 3) a disciplinary literacy questionnaire.


1. BA and BSEd Exit Survey: The exit survey is to be completed by all B.A. and B.S. Ed. English majors; however, the portfolio described below is to be filed only by B.A. students. B.S. Ed. students have a separate portfolio requirement for their teacher education program The Exit Survey is on D2L under Quizzes. Majors should take this survey any time during the year in which they are graduating. 


2. BA English Majors--PORTFOLIO

Due Date: While there is no specific due date for this portfolio, students should ideally submit the portfolio the semester before they are graduating. Yet, students can submit the portfolio at the start of the semester in which they are graduating, and must submit by the end of their graduating semester. Students can either drop off the portfolio to Dr. Shevlin (Main 548) or leave it in her mailbox in Main Hall 5th floor.


Fall 2007 BA English portfolios:

All graduating BA majors are required to submit a portfolio consisting of two essays/writing projects that they consider to be the best examples of work completed in undergraduate English courses.


Selected items must include the following: (1) one ENG 400 seminar paper and (2) another research paper (2,500-3,000 words) of which they feel most proud. Items selected must be submitted as clean copies without any instructor's comments or grades. Students may revise the writing chosen as deemed necessary prior to submission of the final portfolio.


Each portfolio will include a Checklist that identifies each item as well as an Introduction (essay or letter). The Introduction (3-4 pages typed, double-spaced) will address each item in the portfolio and must explain the context (assignment's expectations) for each piece. Students are also encouraged to reflect more generally on the quality of their educational experience within the B.A. in English Program.


Portfolio Assessment:

The portfolio will be assessed for the following objectives according to a rubric scored from 1 to 4, with 4 being the highest score (see rubric in English Majors’ Handbook): 

  1. awareness of conventions of  particular textual genres
  2. ability to recognize and apply types of criticism and theoretical terminology in their reading and writing of texts
  3. ability to recognize and apply theoretical perspectives and terms in their reading and writing of texts
  4. ability to evaluate information sources, and employ those sources in  their own work
  5. ability to write clear, grammatical sentences and well-organized texts that reflect an attention to audience and genre

 Though you will submit the portfolio under your name, scores will be recorded without it, and those scores will be examined ONLY by assessment personnel in aggregate with the scores of other portfolios and ONLY for this single purpose of program assessment. You can be confident that the information garnered from the portfolio will otherwise be kept confidential.


Fall 2007 Portfolio Checklist

Rubric for the Fall 2007
Exit Survey


If you are under the pre-2007 Fall major, please follow the procedures for the portfolio listed in the English Majors' Handbook and on D2L or see your advisor.


3. Multiple-Choice Discipline Literacy Questionnaire:  This forty-item questionnaire will be administered in randomly selected ENG 400 sections. Both BA and BSEd students will complete this assessment tool.