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Bachelor of Arts in English Requirements


  1. Writing Skills Requirement. All English majors will be required to take WRT120 and a second WRT class (WRT 200, 204, 205, 206, 208, or 220) to satisfy a writing skills requirement. 6 credit hours (3 credits if placement or AP scores justify an exemption from WRT120).
  2. Language and Linguistics Courses. All B.A. students take ENG 230 (Introduction to Linguistics). Candidates for the B.A. in English will also take 0-9 credit hours in a foreign language, depending on their language proficiency when they enter the program. (This 9-credit figure assumes that a student begins a language with the 102 course, the second of the two introductory language courses, because of language classes taken in high school.) For students planning to take French, German or Spanish, a foreign language placement test is available on-line on the Department of Foreign Languages website; either click on the toolbar "Placement Test" or go directly to the site. The sign-in information and password are given on the web page for the test, where the student also selects the language. Additionally the student must send an informational email to the language lab director, Students planning to take Chinese, Italian, Latin, or Russian should go to Main Hall 200, to the Language Learning Center, and personally take the supervised placement test at that site. Classical Greek and Hebrew, as well as Japanese also satisfy the language requirement. Please note that YOU CAN NOT EARN ACADEMIC CREDIT THROUGH THE ON-LINE PLACEMENT TEST.

The placement test score determines the course level to begin foreign language study (101, 102, 201, etc.). With the exception of the 3 credits given for a score of 4 or 5 on the AP exam, there is no credit given for courses that a student places out of. However, a student may obtain credits toward graduation for lower level courses by enrolling during the first week of the semester for "credit by exam" in up to two such courses, at a cost of approximately $77 each. The student appears on the class list and takes the final exam of the course during final exam week. The student should buy the appropriate textbook and be aware of the material generally covered at that course level. However, faculty members are not obligated to tutor students taking credit by exam. The student is responsible for preparing for the examination. The student is awarded the grade obtained on the exam as the grade for the course.

B.A. students must complete a foreign language through the intermediate level (typically numbered a "202" course). Students with extensive prior foreign language experience should not register for a 100-level language course; those placing out of lower-level classes may replace those credits with electives. The English Department does not offer the culture cluster option.