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Dr. Jen Bacon
532 Main Hall
West Chester, PA 19383

Writing, Teaching, and Criticism Track

Thesis and Non-Thesis Option
(36 semester hours)

The Writing, Teaching, and Criticism track is a flexible, year-round 36-semester hour program that combines theory and classroom practices in rhetoric and composition, pedagogy, and literary studies.  Designed primarily for teachers of language arts and secondary English, it allows students to explore the latest developments in the study and teaching of English through individualized concentrations and small class sizes. It also offers an opportunity to work with the nationally recognized Pennsylvania Writing and Literature Project (PAWLP).  Although created with teachers in mind, any student interested in the ways language, teaching, and literature intersect is welcome.


Composition and Rhetoric (6 semester hours)

              1. ENG 506 Critical Pedagogies and Literature

              2. One elective from any composition and rhetoric course


PAWLP (6 semester hours)

              3. PWP 502 Strategies for Teaching Writing: Teacher as Writer

              4. One elective from any three-credit PAWLP courses


Literature (6 semester hours)

              5. ENG 501 Critical Theory

              6. One elective from any course in General Topics and Theory, American Literature, English                   Literature, Comparative Literature, and Research and Special Topics


Capstone Research Seminar (3 semester hours)

              7. ENG 616 Research Seminar


Electives (15 semester hours)

              8.  Five electives from any of the three main categories above.  No more than four classes (including                    the two above) may be PAWLP classes.


Additional Requirements

              9.  At least one course must be in a non-canonical topic.