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Comparative Literature Courses

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+ = This course may be taken again for credit.

+ 565 Comparative Literature Seminar (3) Studies in international, literary, and/or cultural relations; the characteristics and relationships of literary themes, types, and genres. Topics announced when offered.

566 Comparative Literature: The Greek Myths (3) The role of Greek myths and their treatment in Western literature.

568 20th-Century Women Poets (3) The study of a significant number of modern women poets from Amy Lowell to Diane Wakoski. Discussion of commentary by women poets about the experience of writing poetry. Although the emphasis is on English and American poets, representatives from other cultures will be included.

570 Feminist Film (3) This course covers the diverse genres of feminist film, exposes students to feminist film theory, and enables students to interpret feminist aesthetic practice.

571 Colonialism and the 20th-Century Novel (3) An examination of the relationship of the colonialist theme and modernist techniques in the novel.