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American Literature Courses

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+ = This course may be taken again for credit.

+ 547 American Literary Movements (3) Major movements in the development of American literature. Influence of leading writers on literary concepts, trends, and critical dicta. Topics announced when offered.

548 Early American Literature (3) Studies in early American literature and culture. For example, "contact zones," spiritual narratives, belle-lettrism, the revolutionary public sphere.

549 19th-Century American Literature (3) An investigation of 19th-century literature and its cultural context. For example, Romantic writers and reform movements, realism and reconstruction.

551 Literature and Culture in 20th-Century America (3) Variable topics. For example, Natural-ism, Realism, Modernism, Post-Modernism, Subaltern Writing.

552 Twentieth Century Native American Literature (3) This course investigates the Native American novel and the struggle of Native Americans for self-representation.

557 Major 20th-Century American Poets (3) A close study of several major, modern American poets.

558 20th-Century American Writers (3) Major writers and literary movements from 1900 to the present. Topics announced when offered.

562 Modern African-American Literature (3) An intensive study in themes and trends in modern African-American literature.

563 African-American Women Writers in America (3) Writings from the Colonial period to the present. A survey of the forms of expression used by these writers and the themes of expression used by these writers and the themes of gender, image of women in an American and African-American context.

+ 564 Seminar in American Literature (3) Variable topics announced when offered.

618 The Autobiographical Presence: Discussing the Writer and the Genre (3) This course examines the genre of autobiography and its role as contemporary literature. It locates autobiographies and their uses in the writer's own times and lives.