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General Topics and Theory Courses

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+ = This course may be taken again for credit.

500 The Discipline of English Studies (3) An introduction to key analytical/paradigmatic concepts shared across the discipline and to the academic skills/methods appropriate to graduate level study in English.

501 Literary Theory Critical Theory (Current catalog says "Literary Theory" but a change in title and description is in process) (3) Study of various methods of theoretical analysis and critique associated with the discipline of literary, cultural, and rhetorical analysis, and the application of these methods to specific literary and cultural texts.

502 History of Criticism (3) A historical study of literary criticism and aesthetic theory from Plato and Aristotle to the present.

505 Queer Theory (3) Participants in this course will read some of the major texts in the emergent field of cultural criticism known as Queer Theory. Queer Theory draws from various strains of post-structuralism, such as feminism, deconstruction, race studies, and post-colonial and psychoanalytic theory, in order to examine ideas about gender and sexuality as they are represented in many types of cultural products (not only literature but history, mass media, urban planning, medical rhetoric, etc.). Queer Theory is an outgrowth of Gay and Lesbian Studies, but differs from that field in that it rejects the essentialism of an identity based in sexual acts.

507 Literature Seminar (3) Variable topics announced each time the course is offered.

+ 615 Special Topics (3) Variable topics, usually interdisciplinary, incorporating issues related to literary fields, genres, historical periods, and theoretical approaches.

619 Cultural Studies: Pedagogy & Politics in English (3) Cultural studies asks us to carefully consider the relationships among people interpreting texts, people producing texts, and the cultural contexts in which we find texts. This course will introduce students to cultural studies as a framework for the critical interpretation of cultural texts, as a philosophical basis for teaching, and as an object of study in its own right.

+ 620 M.A. Essay (3) Required final extended paper (about 40 pages) written under the direction of an adviser. Further details available in the Graduate English Studies Handbook. Oral defense required.