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Quality and Value

More information on undergraduate admission and the advantages that WCU has to offer can be found here

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In a recent survey of students, the primary reason cited for attending WCU was the good academic reputation (54%). Additional reasons include the size of the university (43%) and the low tuition (40%). Don't those sound like the things that are important to you, as a potential student here?

Our students are successful after graduation. We recently surveyed the 45 students who had finished our Forensic and Toxicological Chemstry program in the past 5 years. The results of the 29 responses we received indicated the following.

% of students
Graduates who pursued graduate degrees


Graduates who are employed in the forensic workforce

   Of these, the percent who went to graduate school before

   entering the forensic workforce



Graduates employed in all other analytical positions
Other post-graduate careers: Armed forces



Undergraduate students are in contact with professors 62% more at WCU, compared to a large regional state-related university. That works out to a half-day more per week!

The average class size at the large regional state-related university is 45% larger than at WCU.

WCU has less than one percent of its teaching faculty classified as "unranked". (Unranked faculty are persons without faculty status, such as graduate students or administrators.) By comparison, the 1998-99 figure for a large regional state-related university is 29%.

First year chemistry classes are limited to 48 students (labs and recitations are limited to 24). Advanced classes are even smaller.


WCU tuition and fees are 35% less than the large regional state-related university.

Because WCU courses are taught by actual professorial faculty, WCU spends 33% more per student on instructional faculty salaries than the large regional state-related university. This difference is even more pronounced in the first two years, during which WCU spends 46% more.


The Chemistry Department has 12 full-time faculty member, all with PhDs. We are in the process of adding additional, regular faculty members. There are four temporary faculty, who also have PhDs. The department has a non-teaching support staff of three. Research for undergraduates is strongly encouraged, with no graduate students to compete for instruments and the professor's time. The undergraduate student is our focus!