Department of Chemistry

West Chester University

Chemistry Information
Office: 119 Schmucker
Science Center South
West Chester, PA 19383
Phone (610) 436-2631
Fax (610) 436-2890
Email: Department Chair


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Interesting WCU Trivia

What percentage of students said WCU was a good value, considering the cost and the quality of education provided ????

What is the retention rate on first year WCU students ????

What is the percentage of students from PA ????

How many first year students attend WCU ????

What percentage of students commute to WCU ????

How many alumni live in Pennsylvania ????

WCU is made up of ???? departments, there are ???? full and part-time faculty and ???? student employees. (In 1871 there were 11 instructors.)

WCU Expects Excellence

How do WCU incoming students rank nationally for SAT scores ???? (The average First Year Student SAT score was ????)

What is the percentage of students in the Pre-Med Program to be placed into a health related professional programs after graduation ????

There were ???? hours of community service served by 3,255 students.

How many student organizations are on campus ????

What about the Department of Chemistry?

How many of the full time faculty have doctorate degrees ????

Which professor has the messiest office ????

How many Chemistry Majors are there ????

Important Places for New WCU Students

Where can you get your parking pass ????

Where are the financial aid, bursar, and register offices located ????

Where can you get your Ram Card picture taken and discounted movie tickets ????

Where can you grab a bite to eat ????

Where can you pick up West Chester University undergraduate publications and undergraduate applications for admissions ????

What's The Right Question for These Important Dates & Numbers?

What is the student to computer ratio?
What is the n umber of cups of coffee drunk by each student each month?
What is the student faculty ratio?

How many hours does the average student spends studying per week?
How many NCAA Division I and II intercollegiate sports are currently at WCU?
How many miles to downtown Philadelphia from WCU?

When did WCU became a part of the PA State System of Higher Education?
What is the year the Chemistry Department Chair was established?
When was the founding of the Normal School designed to train teachers?